This Turkey website has been hacked to display the following message about Turkey.

The president of Turkey, Recep tayyip Erdogan is killing kurds and his goal is to re-create ISIS with the operation in Afrin. Erdogan is lying his own people ( Turkish Citizens ) and you ( Turkish Hackers ) supporting him?

Erdogan want to have the first power in East but he cant get it. Thinks like he can do anything, ignoring the childrens and innocent people where killed in Afrin.
You are Terrorists!

“Now on the issue of 8 Turkish soldiers.”

The 8 soldiers claimed asylum in Greece! And Greece, like a civilized country, gave it to them. Any country would do it!

“And now on the issue of the 2 Greek soldiers.”

The two Greek soldiers crossed the border of the country by mistake. And you have them in prison for 69 days. They did not do anything, simple by the fog they had lost their orientation. think now who is more civilized.

1. We will dump and leak all your files and data from the server.
2. We will target all your Government and Banks websites.
~ This is not a threat. It's a promise! ~

Previous attacks:
1.) Hacking 13,000 routers and server from Turk Telecom and Taking Down the Turkish Channel 24TV.
2.) Hacking Turkish Pilot server and Leaking more than 5,000 personal informations including emails and passwords.